Fully integrated concrete supplier.

Alabama Concrete Inc. applies the latest technology and methodologies to delivering the ready-mix concrete for your specific needs. With our six locations, a fleet of 100 rear discharge concrete mixer trucks, and a centrally located computerized dispatch office, Alabama Concrete is where you need to begin when starting your project.

We work with our customers to make sure the mix they choose is right for their application. Then we test that mix, starting with the raw materials and ending with compressive strength tests from cured samples.

If you have questions on preparing and installing a slab, on jobsite access and logistics, on pumping services and going vertical with concrete, on temperature or slump control, on permeability or corrosiveness issues, on special finishing issues, or if your job requires specialized quality control services, Alabama Concrete can provide the answers. As a fully integrated concrete supplier, we will deliver all the correct logistical support that you need for your project from the beginning, saving you time and money.

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Modern concrete mix designs can be complex. The design of a concrete, or the way the weight of the components of a concrete is determined, is specified by the requirements of the project and the various local building codes and regulations.

The design begins by determining the "durability" requirements of the concrete. These requirements take into consideration the weather conditions that the concrete will be exposed to in service, and the required design strength.


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